Piano Recital

P. Mergenthaler

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Music is in the air! Piano music performed by several Polson Middle School students echoed through the walls of First Baptist Church during the winter piano recital. On December 7, 2015, over 30 piano students, ranging from kindergarten to adult, played in the recital. Heather Mergenthaler is one of the main piano teachers in Polson. She has taught piano for about 12 years. Most of the students that Heather teaches are here at Polson Middle School. “My favorite thing about the piano recital is playing the piano with other people,” says 7th grader Sarah Kinzle. The next piano recital will be next spring.

Did you know that music uses your ENTIRE brain? That’s a lot! It uses the parietal, occipital, and the temporal lobe, according to Field Clinic online. That means that it uses every piece of your brain to learn the music or sing the music. Most things that you do only require a few parts of your brain to function, but music uses every piece. Piano is a wonderful form of music, so you should definitely try it.


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Piano Recital