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Eat. Sleep. Zumba. Repeat. Zumba is being taught to Mrs. Ives’ seventh and eighth grade girls in P.E. in the health room by volunteer Jeanie Butler. “Zumba is aerobic fitness dancing inspired by styles of Latin American dance and danced to Latin American dance music,” according to Zumba online. “Zumba is an exciting way to stay fit for a lifetime. Many sports that are played to stay fit during school years are not available much after high school. Also, some students don’t enjoy playing sports to stay fit, so Zumba is a fun alternative,” says to Mrs. Ives. “Ditch the Workout – Join the Party! is the marketing slogan for Zumba fitness, which attracts exercisers with a fun fusion of dance moves from styles like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Flamenco,” according to Ace Fitness online.

Alberto “Beto” Perez is said to be the “father” of Zumba, creating the new dance in the mid-90s. Zumba is an enjoyable workout that feels like you are dancing instead of working out. Maybe you can pop in one day and do Zumba with Mrs. Ives and the girls or experience it on your own time.

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