Sixth Grade Engineering

E. Rehbein

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Mrs. Morrison’s sixth grade engineering students’ main project this quarter is building and designing treehouses. The students started by researching the structure and designs of different treehouses. They are working with a partner to design their treehouse and create blue prints of the front, side, top and bottom of the treehouse. Each set of partners will receive a budget for supplies. Students can build their structure with popsicle sticks, poster board, skewers, toothpicks, fabric, etc. and will use glue guns to put the pieces together. The treehouses are built down to scale. Students need to include a simple machine such as a ramp, pulley, or lever, a door, and a way to get in and out of the treehouse. “I’m very excited and can’t wait to see what our treehouse will look like when we’re done building it!” says 6th grader Braedon Iliff. Seven Wolf and Tristen Hanson have designed their treehouse to have a castle inspired look, “We thought a castle treehouse is a very unique idea and will be pretty cool to build,” said 6th grader Tristen Hanson.


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Sixth Grade Engineering