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I. Learn, Writer

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People came from all over the U.S. to participate in an equestrian competition at Rebecca Farms on September 26-27, 2015. There were two categories of competition: hunter or jumper long. The differences between a hunter and a jumper are that a jumper is timed longer with more jumps and is faster in speed. Hunter is judged based on what the horse and rider look like as a team when they walk, trot, or canter. Hunter is not timed and has fewer jumps. The jumps started at 18 inches and went up to 4 feet. The courses for hunters were 5-10 jumps long while courses for jumpers were 10-15 jumps long.

Eighth grader Isabelle Learn participated in the competition as a jumper. She won a 3rd place ribbon for power and speed and 6th place for regular jumping. There is no spectator entry fee, so it’s cheaper than a rodeo. If you get the chance, go up to Kalispell and check out the Rebecca Farms competition.

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Rebecca Farms