Special Olympics

B. Vanderhoof, writer

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The Special Olympics were started in the 1950’s by a woman named Eunice Shriver. Eunice had started to notice that people with intellectual disabilities were treated poorly and she wanted to create an organization that would support people with intellectual disabilities. She wanted to give them a fun set of activities they could all share in and enjoy. Her goal was to celebrate what the people with disabilities COULD do, not focus on the challenges they faced daily. “Today more than 4.4 million athletes compete each year globally,” according to Mrs. Butler. The Spe-cial Olympics is a global movement that includes people from around the world joining together to create a fully inclusive world where every-one is welcome and accepted, regardless of the person’s ability or disa-bility.

Four PMS 8th grade students, one 7th grader, two 6th graders, and one 5th grader will be attending the Special Olympics. The event’s practices are in Polson, but the actual event will be held in Missoula this year. They have bowling practices each Friday at the Sports Page and swimming practices each Friday at the Aquatic Center. The big competition will be April 22-24th.

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Special Olympics